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Canine Application

Sherlock Holmes

  • Surely Sherlock Holmes can solve the mystery of his upbringing! Is he a Collie, Aussie, Springer Spaniel or Irish Setter? Who done it?
  • He is around 8 months old, very smart, and has a wiggling and jiggling back end!
  • Did you fall in love with his eyes yet?


  • 3 year old spirited male Chihuahua.
  • Parker enjoys playing, belly rubs and hanging with the guys.
  • Parker takes offense to poorly chosen toys, and bringing your kids to his play date.
  • He gets along with cats and dogs his size.


  • 3 month old female lab mix.
  • Kisses is a little shy but also very sweet!
  • Adorable side head tilt, begging you to pet her and take her home tonight!


  • 3 month old male Lab/Hound mix.
  • Tanner is a big puppy, did you see those ears he has to grow into?


  • Happy 6 month old female Shepherd mix.
  • Loves her crate and will sleep in it overnight.
  • Gets along with children, and other dogs.
  • Enjoys giving hugs and kisses when her humans come home!




  • 5 month old female German Shepherd mix.
  • Sweet and loving personality.
  • Gets along with other dogs.

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