Pet of the month: Sylvester

Hey there Starting Over Animal Rescue fans, please allow us to re-introduce you to Sylvester!

Sylvester has been with SOAR for quite a few months.  He was rescued from a bad situation and took a few months to adjust.  But, hey, that’s the world of rescue!

Sylvester is a good looking, proper gentleman who LOVES people and would enjoy nothing more than spending all day with his human.  He’s not picky, any lap will do!  Sylvester is spunky, funny, has a weird meow, and is friendly with other cats (with proper introductions of course!).


Starting Over Animal Rescue’s Pet of the Month: Sylvester

Hey Everyone! Sylvester is SOAR’s Spring pet of the month!

Favorite activity:  Snuggling, snuggling, snoozing, is your lap available human?

Friends include:  Anyone or any pet who would love to snuggle and be his BFF.  Sylvester would do fine with a calm cat or dog to keep him company.

Favorite movie: Grumpy Old Men






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