Pet’s of the season: Tabby cats of Summer

Pets of the Season: Tabby cats of Summer!

Meet the tabby cats of SOAR’s Summer!

Just what is a Tabby cat??  According to the ASPCA, tabby is not a breed, but actually the patter of a cat’s coat pattern. The appearance can range from stripes to whorls, or spots.

Tabby cats often have an “M” shaped marking appears on their heads, just above the eyes.    Click HERE to learn more!

NADIA: Confident, fancy, string toy extraordinaire, 1-2 year old female DMH.

LIZZIE: The CEO of your home, hard core napper, chunky fuzzy thighs, 3 year old female DSH.

SCARLET: Bossy, front declaw, likes to purr & play, 1-2 year old female DSH, old kids only.

MCCOY: Playful, curious, good with other cats, 6 month old male DSH.


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