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Available Dogs/Puppies

Available Dogs/Puppies

Please print the application below, complete it (including pet’s name), scan, and email to

[email protected]
Canine Application


  • 4 month old terrier and chihuahua mix female pup.
  • Heidi is spayed and up to date on vaccines.
  • Heidi is active and playful and gets along well with other dogs!
  • Heidi is more white with a brown spot on here head. Cocoa has been adopted!!!


  • Mild Freckles is a 12 week old heeler mix, female.
  • She is a sweet & shy girl, who is slowly coming out of her shell, but she is puppy through and through.
  • Potty training is in the works!


  • Alicia is a 2 year old Saluki, female with luxurious black fur.
  • She loves the outdoors and gets along with other dogs.
  • Alicia is housebroken and would do best in a calm household.


  • Tripp is a cool 3 year old dude.
  • He only has 3 legs but that doesn’t stop him from being sweet and sniffing and searching through the leaves!


  • Chip is a 5 month old male labs mix.
  • Chip enjoys all things puppy, like playing, eating his toys and running!
  • His ideal home would be an active place with a canine companion to play with.
  • Chip is doing well with house and potty training.

30 thoughts on “Available Dogs/Puppies

    1. Hi William,

      Yes she is still available! Please fill out an application on our website and include her name.

      SOAR volunteer

  1. I’m getting my references together. Do you specialize in terriers? that is what I am looking for, smaller one. It is hard to tell from ,the picture, how big is raven, and how big will she be? any thougts on what kind of terriers mom and dad were? What kind of terrier is Jasmine?

  2. Interested in adopting Coco. Hope you find my application.Always do rescues and my dog crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago

    1. Hi Denise,

      Well, we hope she doesn’t meow! I reached out to her foster mom, and I will let you know when I hear back.

      SOAR volunteer

    2. Hi Denise,

      Sunshine does not bark excessively, like some of her breed does. She sometimes barks while playing, but not when people come to the house.

      Hope this helps!

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Leann,

      Unfortunately you will have to follow the Facebook pages regarding the golden puppies. We cannot promise them to anyone or keep track of everyone that reached out. Kittens and puppies that are that tiny and being bottle fed, versus from their mothers, have a tough road ahead of them. Their survival can be challenging, so we need to wait several weeks for them to grow.

      Stay tuned, and thank you for reaching out!
      SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Judith,

      Please fill out an application if you haven’t already. You can find the applications here on our website; please include his name.

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Julio!

      As far as I know she is still available. We have adoption hours tomorrow at Petco in Whitehall from 10-1. If Heidi is coming, she will be there closer to 11.

      You can fill out an application right here on our website!

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

    1. No I’m sorry, Blossom was adopted this weekend. Are there any other dogs you are interested in?
      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  3. Hello, my wife and I are very interested in adopting.Our adopted dog has passed on two years ago now and we are again looking to give a available dog a forever home. Are there hours either during the week or weekend when you allow visitors for adoptable dogs?

    1. Hi Jeffrey!
      Our normal procedure is that once an application is approved, we can arrange an individual meet and greet. Or, you are welcome to visit us at Petco in Whitehall on Saturdays, from 10-1. Foster parents may arrive at different times with dogs, and not all of our available dogs are always there. Let me know how else I can help!

      SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Paula!
      No problem! I am glad your young one is interested in animals! Most of our puppies/dogs are posted on this website. If the animal is not ready to be adopted, it may not be posted here. You can find the most up to date postings on our Facebook page at SOAR Adoptables. Can I help you look for a new forever buddy?
      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  4. Hi! I was wondering what the standard adoption fee is. Also, is Freya still available and do you suggest keeping her and Freckles together?

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