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Canine Application, PDF

Please visit Starting Over Animal Rescue on FACEBOOK at SOAR Adoptables to see an up to date list of adoptable puppies and dogs!

Canine Adoption hours: Individual meet and greets for dogs will be done on a case-by-case basis, after application approval, at an agreed-upon location. Please inquire about dogs being present at Petco, Whitehall during adoption hours.


  • Hershey is an 11-week-old lab mix, male looking for his furever family.
  • He is very playful and outgoing.
  • Hershey loves running around and getting rowdy with his foster pup friends, but will also just chill in the dog bed chewing on a bone.


  • Valentine is 10 weeks old and she’s a spitfire!
  • She isn’t a dainty girl whatsoever.
  • Valentine is sassy, rough, and independent.
  • She is up to date on shots and ready for her forever home!


  • RIP is just a little guy, probably the runt of his litter.
  • RIP is an 11-week-old lab mix, male.
  • He is very playful, loves to grab your feet and pant leg, but also loves to be held and fall asleep on your lap.
  • RIP is gaining weight nicely and enjoys following his human around the house.


  • Meet 12-week-old Truman!
  • Truman is a Shepherd mix, and he is neutered and ready for his forever home!
  • He is settling in great with Xena, she’s the official dog foster mom!
  • Truman is medically up to date and will be microchipped.
  • He is such a happy and playful puppy.
  • As with all puppies his teeth are sharp and he loves to chew, so be prepared to play and put those shoes away!!
  • Truman loves running around outside and playing with other dogs and tug of war.


  • Emily is such a doll!
  • This gal is 5 years old and is so good on a leash!
  • Emily is also a former puppy mill dog, so potential adopters should know to be patient and extra kind to her.
  • Emily is spunky, sweet and fun!


  • Meet Max the little ham!
  • We think he is a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix that is approximately 2 years old.
  • Max takes time to warm up to people and will require someone to give him the time he needs. Max will bark with ALL new people, so he needs supervised initial introductions.
  • But, when Max is ready, he will be your best friend and love you forever ❤️!
  • He is currently being fostered with another small dog and cats and does well with them.
  • NO young children, NO men.


  • Welcome, Piper to SOAR.
  • Piper is a six-month-old pure breed white male Maltese pup who is available for adoption. He came to SOAR from a breeder.
  • Piper gets along with other dogs, cats, and children. He loves going outside to find sticks and chase leaves. He also likes crinkly toys and chew toys.
  • Most of all, he loves to nap and cuddle on the couch with his humans.
  • Piper is a fun pup. He zips around with and without his Drag Bag. Due to an unfortunate event shortly after birth, he has no back feet.
  • However, he is happy and active. He is waiting for his custom-made wheelchair.
  • Piper is loving and ready for his forever home.


  • All right folks, this little 3-pound nugget of cuteness is Helen.
  • Helen is a Cockapoo and based on calculations, will weigh approximately 10 lbs in adulthood.
  • She may look big in this picture, but trust us she is not! 🙂
  • She is only 10 weeks old however due to birth defects, is completely blind.
  • Only serious inquiries will be addressed and anyone considering adoption MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE with blind animals.


  • Please welcome Miss Eva to SOAR and to the rest of her free and happy life.
  • Eva is a former puppy mill dog and she is very happy to be free, have a spa day and be able to see without her fluff blocking her view!
  • Eva is about 5 years old, give or take.
  • Potential adopters will need to be patient, possibly potty train and always take Eva on a leash. She is cautious but will learn what proper love is with a patient and welcoming family.


  • Please welcome CHARLOTTE to SOAR!
  • This 5-year-old sweetheart has spent the last 5 years in a puppy mill.
  • She is looking for a family to call her own and see what it is like to be treated like a real dog and not a piece of trash!
  • These poor dogs have endured so much and yet they still have a heart of gold!
  • Won’t you consider giving sweet Charlotte a forever home?


  • Please welcome ETHAN to SOAR!
  • Ethan is related to Etta and Earl!
  • Another victim of puppy mill abuse! Could you find it in your heart to teach Ethan what being a member of family is all about?
  • This boy would be grateful for the rest of his life! 
  • Ethan is a 5-year-old male Bichon.


  • Meet your new BEST FRIEND!
  • Roamer is an absolute doll who loves cats and dogs.
  • He is a 4-year-old “schnoodle,” male.
  • Roamer would do GREAT in a home with active owners, who love long walks and games of fetch!


  • Meet Maggie!
  • Maggie is a 2-3-year-old shi-poo.
  • She is friendly, goofy, and playful.
  • Maggie is working on house training.
  • She would do BEST in a patient, calm home.

2 thoughts on “Available Dogs/Puppies

  1. I am extremely interested in giving Emily a home. We have adopted several rescue dogs in the past and found them sweet, kind to have a permanent home. I lost my beloved Chloe on Oct 27, 2023 and she was a rescue and extremely sweet in every way. Not only do I and my husband miss her more than words can express, but also our Tucker who is a labradoodle and was her sibling.
    I will also complete your application noted on Facebook in case this form does not transfer directly to you at SOAR.
    Please give my application serious consideration regarding Emily’s placement. I can assure you she will receive love, care and considered as the fourth member of our family.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Billie,

      I will touch base with our rescue director, she has Emily.

      Thank you for reaching out!

      SOAR volunteer

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