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Canine Application


  • What is there to say about this handsome dude? Small, but mighty. Short, but fierce. On wheels, but can’t be stopped.
  • Popeye is a 6 year old male dachshund with years of life left in his spunky soul.
  • He suffered a back injury that was not able to fully heal after surgery. However no one, especially Popeye has given up. He is receiving therapy to his back legs and is sporting a set of wheels that help him go, go go. (Ps….he gets along fine without them too!).


  • 6 month old male German Shepherd mix.
  • Guiness is fully crate trained.
  • He is a little shy, but makes up for it in his affection towards kids, dogs and even cats.
  • He has a beautiful coat with varying shades of brown and black.
  • Guiness will be available after he is nuetered.


  • Young male chihuahua, 9 months, loves exploring the outdoors!
  • Reeses needs an owner who has a firm understanding of his breed and can continue to properly train him.
  • He is a great young spirit who deserves a happy and loving home!


  • 5 month old female chihuahua.
  • This pretty pup is a tiny girl!
  • She is doing well with house training.
  • Showing improvement with other dogs and even children!


  • Sweet terrier mix, slightly over 1 year old.
  • Zuza is about 12 pounds.
  • She gets along with other dogs.

7 thoughts on “Available Dogs/Puppies”

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      Yes we will be at Petco in Whitehall on Saturday, from 10-1. We are always there, our array of animals will change though. If you are on our Facebook SOAR adoptables page, I did create a post with *some* of the animals that will be there.
      Thanks! Hope to see you there!
      SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Patrice,

      I do not think we have a Westie, but if you are interested, I can find out what other small breeds we may have just acquired.


      Melissa SOAR Volunteer

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