Are you unable to adopt or foster one of our wonderful rescue pets?  Perhaps consider making a difference in a single animal’s life by SPONSORING a pet.  It’s simple, select a pet and pay for their vet bills and food.  We will list you as the sponsor for that pet on our website to show our appreciation for the  difference you are making in your sponsored pet’s life.



Ramses, was the runt of his litter of and he has suffered from many medical problems from birth. Ramses medical chart includes pituitary dwarfism, seizures, and thyroid disorder. He has limited vision and very tiny teeth.  Ramses eats Taste of the Wild dry food  and Purina Pro Plan Focus wet food PUPPY food.  He is a constant fixture in our rescue house where he welcomes all new intakes, and keeps our fearless leader company and makes volunteers laugh with his silly antics.


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