We are always looking for volunteers!

Volunteers are always needed for various tasks including fundraising, attending rescue related events,  or cleaning and feeding the cats housed at Petco in Whitehall.

Kindly fill out the volunteer form below and either mail or email to:
P.O. Box 286
Schnecksville, PA 18078
[email protected]
SOAR Volunteer Application DOCX
SOAR Volunteer Application PDF

Volunteers Wanted!

Do you enjoy planning events and working with people? We are in need of volunteers to help us with our fundraising efforts. Any amount of time that you can spare will be much appreciated! For more information please email: [email protected]

Fosters Wanted!

Another way you can volunteer is through foster care!
SOAR Foster Care Application DOCX
SOAR Foster Care Application PDF

We are always in need of foster homes for cats, and kittens, dogs and puppies. If you are considering fostering please keep in mind that when fostering a cat or a kitten, a safe and secure area is required to allow them to exercise and acclimate to their new environment. Kittens need an area  where you can keep a cage filled with toys, food bowls and a litter box, separate from your own animals.  Dogs required  adequate space and should receive exercise a few times per day. If you foster a puppy you will be responsible to teach potty and crate training. All animals must be kept clean without disease and in a clean, tidy environment.

Karen & Cassandra

This mother & daughter dynamic duo has a passion for cat rescue! Over the years they have helped to rescue hundreds of cats! Whether it is trapping cats via trap neuter and release, rescuing strays, or fostering kittens & cats, these two always have our furry friends best interests in mind! Karen has been involved in animal rescue for over 30 years, and introduced her daughter Cassandra to the rewarding practice when she was only 3 years old. Karen is a wealth of knowledge & experience, and strives to find the perfect home for all of SOAR’s rescued animals! Cassandra enjoys seeing the kittens grow, getting the perfect adoption photo, talking to potential new families, and updating SOAR’s instagram page.


“I started with SOAR 3 years ago after my gray tiger, Scout, passed away. I always knew I wanted to help animals, but I never could have imagined the rewards I would receive. Volunteering with SOAR has fulfilled a hole in me that I didn’t know I had. I truly believe I have found my passion in life. The knowledge I have gained from my fellow volunteers and mentors at SOAR, has had a tremendous impact on my life. I am now equipped to being educating others, as I too continue to learn and grow.”

Patty & Dave

“Dave & I first met Gloria in 2008 and we adopted 3 kittens from her. Gloria was a hoot and we liked her immediately, as she told us it was Wednesday and it was adopt 2 kittens get one free! Over the next few years, we quickly learned about TNR and fostering; we just kept finding animals in need, and Gloria and her volunteers were kind enough to help us when we needed it. Fostering & volunteering helped to fill a void I felt when my mother passed away in 2014; it gave me a focus & helps to pass the time. We can not explain how rewarding & how good it feels to help, and to feel like you are making a difference. I am constantly learning from my mentors & will forever be grateful to SOAR for getting me through a tough time and all the wonderful people & volunteers I have met along the way.” Dave is the booming voice behind Bingo calling, plays Santa for our holiday animal photos, & is the brawn behind trapping feral kittens.

Our Special Thanks to:

  • Dr. Lori Milot for your time and talent.
  • Foster Families and volunteers!
  • Adopters
  • Donators
  • Robin Schultz, I would be lost without you!
  • Living Things Pet Store for hosting our pet adoptions and donating food to us.
  • Kami at Living Things for all you do for us
  • Deb and Betty Redsy for doing fundraisers for us.
  • Kevin at Cloud Nine Pet Services.
  • Carole at Fresh Pet who has helped us receive the food donations.
  • CarolAnn DosSantos from Carol’s grooming in Hellertown, PA. for doing free grooming to our rescue animals.
  • Allyson Coffin of Allyson’s Critter Cave for donated her time and talent grooming our babies!
  • The Stitching Witch for printing all T-Shirts and for donating to our events.
  • Petco for allowing us to have a permanent place to showcase our animals.
  • Pampered Pets for their grooming services.
  • Alyson Andrews for grooming services.