Foster With Us!

Thank you for being interested in fostering with Starting Over Animal Rescue!
Fostering is essential in being able to continue saving so many lives & with your help we can save even more.
Every time a foster takes an animal into their home, it opens up space for one more!

If you would like to get involved and become a foster with
Starting Over Animal Rescue, apply today!

We provide all veterinary care, food and supplies (if supplies are needed). You supply a safe place while teaching the cat or dog the basics about a home full of LOVE!

A little information about fostering with SOAR…

An application and approval is required to foster.
Your animals must be up to date on all vaccines.

FOR DOGS: Adequate space is required along with time for daily exercise. If you foster a puppy you will be responsible to teach potty, crate and leash training… all things puppy! Please acknowledge a slow introduction for both adults and puppies with house pets.

As of Janurary, 2024 – Foster dogs from out of state require a 2 week quarantine. Foster families will not be able to take their foster dog out of the home to events or meet and greets during those 2 weeks.

FOR CATS/KITTENS: A safe and secure area is required to allow them to exercise and acclimate to their new environment. Kittens need an area where you can keep a cage filled with toys, food bowls and a litter box, separate from your own animals.  

Foster families are asked to take photos and share information about their foster animals on our SOAR Adoptables Facebook Page as you learn about them.

Our vet is in Tamaqua, PA and your fosters must have transportation for visits and spay/neuter appt.

Questions? Reach out! Email us at : [email protected]


Have fostering questions? Reach out to us right on Facebook, off the SOAR Adoptables page!
OR email us! [email protected]

Meet Allison & Ashlyn!

We’ve been fostering since summer 2021 and have fostered 50 cats and kittens so far. It started as a “vacation week” for a former foster and then Ashlyn loved taking care of kitties so much we became active fosters. Sometimes it’s harder than others to see our fosters go, but we find happiness in knowing we loved on them until they found their forever homes. So far we’ve only foster-failed with one although some have been close calls! It’s been something enjoyable that we can do together as a family.

Meet Lorraine!

Hi, I’m Lorraine. I’ve been fostering puppies and adult dogs for 2 years. I started fostering for SOAR September 2023. I have 5 rescues. 4 male dogs and a female cat. They are the reason I began to foster. If it were not for fosters, I would not have them. People say, “I can’t foster, I will get too attached.” Of course, you will get attached. How can you not? You are the bridge of once was and what will be. “I can’t foster because I work.” Having the fosters safe in your home is better than where they come from. Yes, there will be tears when they find their family. BUT there’s more out there that need saving. All you have to do is provide love and a safe space for them. SOAR, will do the rest. Come on and join me and save a cat or dog!

Our team section is new and under construction! Check back soon!

Starting Over Animal Rescue