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Pet of the Month

Pet of the Month

Fall Pet of the Month:


  • Taliver is 6 years old, and is your typical handsome male tomcat.
  • While he enjoyed roaming the streets of the big city, Taliver is now warm and cozy inside. He may even have a little extra weight to show for it!
  • Taliver enjoys being pet and meows for his human friends, but he is not really a lap cat and he can be independent.
  • Taliver is FIV positive. FIV is spread to other felines through deep bite wounds.
    FIV cannot be transferred to humans, or dogs. Casual playing, eating, & grooming does not spread the disease between cats.
  • He is currently living happily with another cat who is FIV negative.

Hey everyone! Check out this fact sheet from the infamous Cole and Marmalade! Did you know Marmalade has FIV? I never did! These kitties enjoy living together and the fact that Marmalade has FIV, does not put Cole at immediate risk of contracting it.

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    1. Hi Diana,

      Thank you for donating. I will let you know when I get an update on Leo.

      Thank you!
      SOAR volunteer

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