“Thank you to Starting Over Animal Rescue.”

-Randi B. November 2020

“It’s about to be 1 year gotcha day anniversary with my SOAR baby, was Jessie now Cleo. She has been the absolute best cat ever since day 1❤️ ,came to college with me in Pittsburgh, moved up to the Poconos with me, and now we live down in Tennessee. This girl has no problem adjusting whatsoever, so happy anywhere we go. I recently adopted a kitten and she loves him! 🙂 They run around and play all day long and snuggle together when they think i’m not watching. 🥰 Karen, I could never thank you enough. I love SOAR!! can’t wait to adopt more some day 💕💕

-Abby L. November 2020

“This is Henley . She came from SOAR. Wonderful organization, and wonderful people ❤️❤️❤️

-Heather November 2020

“I first met Captain Snazzy Pants when he was just a tiny foster kitten my daughter was taking care of. Captain became ill and I had to watch him while my daughter was on vacation. It turned out she never picked him up and he was in my home to stay! Captain has brought so much joy and silliness to my house. Thank you SOAR and Gloria!”

-Carol K. August 2019



“A testimonial is an expression of appreciation”





At Starting Over Animal Rescue we extend a great big THANK YOU for choosing to adopt & for your kind words. 

If you would like to share your own testimonial, please send an email to [email protected]  Please include your name (as you would like it shared),  your pet’s name, and a story you would like share.  Pictures are welcome too!


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