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“Don’t forget your mask!”

UPDATE January 2022: SOAR is currently unable to participate in animal adoption events at local Petco locations, due to the surge in COVID-19.

Please be patient and courteous as we begin this new process. Adoption hours will begin again as soon as possible.

Individual meet and greets at the Whitehall, PA store location are still acceptable and will be done on a case by case basis, after application approval.


  • Roni is a 2-3 ear old torbie (tortoiseshell and tabby ) who was found outside in frigid conditions being fed by caring neighbors.
  • Already spayed, she’s looking for a family that will love her furever!
  • A warm lap to snuggle up on is on her wish list! Would you be that person? For now, she’s safe & well cared for with SOAR’s foster family in their office location (lots of laps there).


  • This precious litter of sisters is available for adoption, and are 4 month old females.
  • Vivica is a beautiful red female kitten.
  • Not pictured is Verna (looks like Vivica), she’s still a bit camera shy.
  • Kittens do best adopted in pairs or into a home with other cats for them to bond and play with.


  • Violet and Vivica (above) are 4 month old sisters who are getting better with snuggles and toddler (their foster kid!) antics by the day.
  • Violet loves chasing balls and flipping mousey toys.
  • They can’t wait to find their forever home(s) to snuggle and play all day. Adopt BOTH today!

Aspen & Alder

  • Who are these gorgeous specimens??
  • Oh, it’s just 7 month old siblings, Alder and Aspen!
  • Aspen is a black female cat, who LOVES her brother Alder, a black and white not quite tuxedo. They are a bonded pair and would love to be adopted together
  • Aspen enjoys spending her days playing or shower her human love by giving little kisses.
  • Alder loves to lounge in the sun, play with ribbon toys, and chase his sister Aspen around.
  • He will put his arms around his human to show his affection.


  • Hello Hello, my name is Zoe!
  • Zoey is a 4 year old striking gray tiger, female.
  • Zoey is a sweet and playful girl ready for her forever home!
  • Zoey would do BEST as an only cat, and she prefers older civilized children.


  • Yes Yes Yes, HIS name is Sue.
  • Sue is an amazing 3 year old tabby and white male, with a dazzling pink nose, and a personality to match.
  • Potential adopters should know that Sue does know his name, and will come when called.
  • You should also know he LOVES food! And toys! And other cats!
  • Sue would do best in a home with another cat to play with.

Jerome & Gavin

  • Jerome (JR)- Siamese mix & Gavin -Tabby are two BONDED brothers!
  • JR & Gavin need to be adopted together, as they are inseparable.
  • The boys are from different litters, but spend all of their time together, they are both 2 years old.
  • Jerome & Gavin are being fostered by a friend of SOAR, and this is a courtesy post.
  • They can be a bit shy at first and require a cat savvy home.

Claire, Clara, Clarissa & Clancy

  • Please welcome this litter of 4 to SOAR!
  • These adorable boys and girls are 12 weeks old, tested and vaccination series has been started.
  • Adopting out in pairs and they are ready for their forever homes.


  • Let’s welcome Miss Comet to SOAR!
  • Comet is a 7 month old female tabby kitten. And she is all kitten!
  • Comet loves to play, eat treats, and watch her foster siblings closely.
  • She would do best in a home with other felines to play with and teach her the ropes!

Garfield & Arlena

  • Who needs crazy teenagers ruling their house??? That’s these two! They love cats, dogs and all toys!
  •  Special needs / bonded pair, Garfield and Arlena are looking for their forever home.
  • Warning ⚠️ These two are heart stealers❤️They love everyone❤️!
  • Garfield, or just G for short, has acid reflux for which he requires an inexpensive medicine, and a special feeding schedule to keep his belly happy.
  • Arlena had a bad ear infection as a kitten. She is healed but it left her a little wobbly some days.

Rey & Han

  • This adventurous group of kittens bounce from toy to toy trying to capture them all!
  • Han is a tuxedo male, while sister Rey has a mostly white coat.
  • Rey is quite outgoing and loves to play.
  • Han is a character and would do best adopted into a home with another cat, maybe his sister!
  • Both kittens have incredible markings and would do great in a home with another kitten.


  •  Sammy here, ATTENTION KITTIES!!!
  • Are you lonely? Do you need a friend?I’M YOUR GUY!!! I’m ready to find my furry brothers and sisters.
  • I. LOVE. CATS. Humans? Meh.
  • I’ll come close and look adorable. Roll all around and tease you. But I’m shy with peeps. But not kitties!!!
  • Sammy is a male tuxedo, cat and he is fully vetted and ready to go to a home with other cats!


  • Who doesn’t love SPRINKLES??
  • This adorable medium length haired beauty is a one year old ginger and white female.
  • Sprinkles is a bit shy, so an experienced or patient cat owner would be best for her.


  • Scooter is currently in a FOSTER to ADOPT home.
  • Meet Scooter!
  • Scooter is a 3 year old female tabby, gray and white. She has the most adorable pink nose and tan markings on her back legs.
  • Scooter will come when called by her name, and is super motivated by food!
  • She enjoys the company of others cats and loves her wet food, and pets!


  • Leo is currently in a FOSTER TO ADOPT home.
  • Who wants to adopt the most adorable, playful, fun, loving kitten ever???
  • Don’t all come rushing at once!
  • Leo would do well in a home with cat friendly dogs, other cats, or cat savvy kids.
  • He’s seriously purrrfect 😻😻

4 thoughts on “Available Cats/Kittens

  1. Hi, my name is Hikmatullah Zahid. I have just visited 2621 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052.
    Me and my wife saw a cat name shayley. What is the process for adoption?

    1. Hello,

      You can fill out an application here on our website. Look under the tab for applications, or on the available cats. After we review your application, we can schedule a meet and greet. Currently we aren’t able to have adoption events at Petco. The adoption fee is $125 (usually) and cats must go home in a carrier.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

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