Available Cats/Kittens

Please email completed form to:

[email protected]


Please visit Starting Over Animal Rescue at Petco for adoption events, every Saturday from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Petco 2621 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052

“Don’t forget your mask!”

  • Petco & SOAR require visitors to wear a face covering over both the nose & mouth.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing.
  • Currently a maximum of 3 fosters/volunteers will be present for animal showings. Please be patient and courteous as we begin this new process.


  • Wednesday is an adorable female black kitten, 6 months old.
  • Wednesday enjoys the companionship of other cats, and would do well with a brave friend who brings out her playful side!
  • Wednesday would do best with an experienced cat owner who will help her continue to come out of her shell. She will take some time to adjust to a new environment.


  • Chester is a young adult female cat, black & white.
  • Yes, we’re sure Chester is a lady!
  • Chester is a bit shy and will take a savvy cat owner who appreciates her style & grace!
  • Chessie enjoys climbing, getting chin rubs and snuggling in a comfy bed.


  • Larger than life, Lizzo is a 3 year old female tiger, with possibly a little tortoiseshell in her blood.
  • Lizzo loves string toys, bird watching and snuggling in a fuzzy bed.
  • Lizzo would do best in a home as a single or one other cat.
  • She deserves all the love and all of the attention! Her best home would be with older children.


  • Frisky is a 9 year old ginger Persian ready for love and a warm couch to snuggle and nap on.
  • Frisky has a long coat which will require regular grooming.
  • He would do best in a quiet home, with minimal animals and older children who can respect him. You don’t really want MORE of a stink eye, do you?


  • “Move over Morris, there’s a new Sherman, I mean sheriff in town.”
  • Sherman is a 2-3 year old adult ginger male.
  • His personality is larger than life and he’s looking for a loving forever home!


  • Mumu is a 3 year old black and white female.
  • Mumu would do BEST in a quiet home with minimal other pets, she likes to be the star. Mumu does enjoy the company of other cats, and will snuggle with them.
  • She loves water and jumping in the bathtub, treats, and bopping her human for pets!


  • Piper is so proud of her litter of kittens, but now it’s her time to rest, relax and shine.
  • Piper is less than one year old , black and white female.
  • She will be available after she is spayed.
  • Piper is calm, relaxed, and is described as an “old soul.”


  • Miss Nova is a 10 week old female kitten, black and white.
  • We can’t get enough of the black spots on her nose and foot, what a cutie!
  • Nova would do GREAT adopted with her brother Ember, or into a home with another cat.
  • Nova is a leader and loves to play and get into trouble!


  • Ember is a 10 week old spitfire black and white male.
  • His momma raised him right and he is ready for his new life!
  • Ember would love to be adopted with his sister Nova(or at least another cat), so they can play and snuggle forever!
  • Ember is an old soul like his momma, and he is more of a follower. He prefers snuggling over wrestling!


  • Chrissy is a young gal who was saved from the great outdoors after having her last litter of little ones!
  • Pictured here is her last kitten Chunk, who found his forever home!
  • Chrissy is spayed and up to date on medical care. She is friendly, sweet and playful!


  • This handsome ginger babe is Kovu!
  • Kovu means scar in Swahili.
  • He is a 2 year old adult ginger male cat, who has a STRONG cuddle game.
  • Kovu is friendly, playful and ready to be adopted into a happy forever home!


  • Felicity is ready to rock and roll!
  • She is a gorgeous mild torti, around 3 months old.
  • Felicity does well with other cats, but she is also content to hang out by herself.

9 thoughts on “Available Cats/Kittens

    1. Hi Carlene!

      Can you please fill out an application on this website and email to [email protected]. I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your cats, that is so difficult. Frisky is a great guy!


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Andrea,

      We have a few kittens here on the website, please fill out an application here and indicate which kitten you are interested in. We do recommend kittens to be adopted in pairs or into a home with another cat. We have a few kittens that aren’t ready yet, so stay posted.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  1. Hi. We are interested in Frisky ginger Persian. Our 18 yr old Persian male Sanders crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago. Our sweet little female Persian misses her buddy and so do we. Frisky reminds me of him. I know he would be content and so loved with us.

    1. Hi Ariana,

      You can fill out an application on this website. We do not adopt out kittens that are young enough to be bottle fed. Bottle fed kittens are very critical and we require all kittens to be at least 8-10 weeks old, and receive their first round of shots.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

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