Available Cats/Kittens

Please print the application below, complete it (including pet’s name), scan, and email to [email protected]



Loki, Bentley, Penelope

  • Available soon! Loki & Bentley and sister Penelope are still gaining weight and will be ready for their forever homes in a few weeks!


  • Gorgeous Grady is a 3 1/2 month old Russian Blue mix, male.
  • Grady is silly, playful, and super friendly!
  • He enjoys hanging out with his foster brother AJ, a Siamese mix listed below. The boys would LOVE to be adopted together!


  • Sage is a 1 year old female, fully vetted and ready for a steady forever home!
  • She enjoys the occasional serenade, chasing laser lights, and bird watching.
  • Sage is reserved and prefers to watch the world from afar. She would do best with a patient owner, who can help her come out of her shell.
  • Sage would be best adopted with another outgoing cat, or her sister Clover.


  • Lexie is a little spitfire who loves to rough house and cuddle, equal amounts!
  • Lexie is 7 weeks old and the runt of the litter!


  • Ella is a boisterous and adventurous 9 week old female kitten.
  • Ella loves to climb, and sit on any part of her human she can find!
  • She would do best with another cat to keep her company!


  • Mild mannered Rosa is a 9 week old female kitten.
  • Rosa is playful and loves to wrestle with her sisters; she would do best adopted with a playmate.
  • Rosa is very sweet and loves to snuggle and get tummy rubs.


  • Clover: spot on RIGHT of her nose, loves to chase birds at the window, can find any bug in a hot second, and preys on toys dangling from sticks.
  • She is very curious and likes to follow her human.
  • Clover is a 1 year old female, spayed and up to date on all medical care.
  • She has a distinct and original design to her coat.
  • Clover would do well in a home as an only cat, with other felines, or adopted with her sister Sage.


  • Jetta is an adult gal with a beautiful black coat and gorgeous amber eyes.
  • Jetta is very friendly, loves to climb her tree stand, and loves to play!
  • She needs to be the ONLY animal in the household.

Arlo & Ziggy

  • Arlo & Ziggy are young lads, about 8 weeks old and full of kitten kraziness.
  • Arlo is feisty and independent, while Ziggy, although fiery as well, likes to cuddle now and then with his foster mom.
  • Both are using their litterbox, eating well, and enjoy belly rubs. They will be available in a few weeks! They are dynamos and would love a home to call their own!


  • Miss Flo is the runt of her litter, but that doesn’t hold her back!
  • Flo is 9 weeks old and likes to run, tumble and play!
  • She is a sweet and mild mannered girl, who likes to nap in your lap!


  • Simba is a one year old ginger male who was so sweet, his rescuers couldn’t help but bring him inside!
  • He would love a human to nap the day away with, but prefers adults only. No small children please.
  • Simba is FIV positive, but FeLV negative. FIV cats can live in the company of other cats.
  • Won’t you purrrlease give this handsome boy a home?


  • 6 year old ruggedly handsome male cat.
  • Warm and cozy inside, and no longer on the NYC streets, he enjoys being pet and meows for his human friends.
  • Taliver is FIV positive. FIV is spread to other felines through deep bite wounds.
    FIV cannot be transferred to humans either. Casual playing, eating, & grooming, does not spread the disease.
  • He is currently living happily with another cat who is FIV negative.


  • AJ is a 1 year old male Lynx Point Siamese Mix.
  • AJ was rescued from the great outdoors, where he lived in a feral colony. He would be ok to live with other cats, with proper and slow introductions.
  • AJ requires a patient home, with an owner who has the time to allow him to open up and blossom!


  • Spring and Summer are right around the corner and we could all use some Sunny Sunshine in our lives!
  • Sunny is a 4 year old male, orange and white tabby.
  • He is friendly, playful, and does well with children.
  • Sunny needs to be on a urinary diet, but he doesn’t mind! He says he’s sooo worth it!


  • Hunter is a 6 year old cuddly male who is looking for a forever home where he can share cozy blankets, sunny windows and treats with Sophie.
  • Sophie and Hunter must be adopted together as they are very bonded.
  • Hunter thrives on the companionship of other cats. He is an orange and white male.


  • Sophie loves to play with jingle balls and chase her tail! She is a petite gray female.
  • Sophie is a petite 6 year old female, all gray.
  • She does well with other cats, dogs and kids!
  • Sophie & Hunter must be adopted together.


  • Lucy is an 8 month old female, black and white kitten, with semi-long hair.
  • Lucy has come a long way to being a loving gal, who enjoys ear rubs, brushings and snuggles with her new friend Koda.
  • Koda has been adopted, but we would love for Lucy to go to a home with other cats. Koda really helped Lucy to blossom and become the love bug she is today!


  • T-bone is the biggest boy in his litter and he is baaad to the bone!
  • He likes to play and chase his toys like hunted prey!
  • T-bone would do best adopted with another cat, or kitten to keep him company!


  • Apricot is a 10 week old, female tiger kitten.
  • She enjoys tumbling with her litter mates and would love to be adopted with one of them (T-bone).
  • Apricot would do best in a home with another cat!


  • Mr. Avery is dreamy and will melt your heart!
  • He will be ready for adoption in a few weeks.
  • Avery loves to play, purr and wrestle. Avery would do great in any home, but would love to have other kitties around!


  • Sweet Pickles is ready for a home of her own and she is SOOOO excited!
  • Look at that face!
  • Pickles is up to date on her vet care. She loves to snuggle and play.

2 thoughts on “Available Cats/Kittens

  1. Hello I’m interested having more information on April. I do have 3 adult cats.the youngest is around 3 and does like to play. Would April be good with that. Also how is she with cuddling with humans. Would she be at a Petco somewhere soon where I could go and visit her? The same goes for Lexi too.

    1. Hi Jennie!

      Have you filled out an application yet? If not, please do and send it to [email protected] and I will look for it! Are you on our Facebook page, SOAR Adoptables? You can leave comments for April and Lexi’s foster mom. I will reach out to her and get some answers for you!

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

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