Please print the application below, complete it (including pet’s name), scan, and email to [email protected]


Kitten season has started and we have many kittens coming soon!  Stay tuned to our webpage, as well as our Facebook pages.  When adopting kittens, please consider adopting two; they will keep each other busy and out of trouble! 

Camilla *Featured Pet of the Month*

  • Camilla is a 2 year old black and white female, with semi-long hair.
  • She is equal doses of sassy and sweet and loves to play and capture toy mice. Please don’t tell her they aren’t real!
  • Camilla must be an only cat, as she’s all the princess one home needs. Dogs are also a no, as the barking makes her bonkers.
  • She would be best suited with a patient, adult family or family with older children.
  • Camilla has some trouble walking on her hind legs, but she is just as active as can be! The more she walks, the stronger she becomes. She jumps, takes stairs, and uses her litter box!


  • This black beauty is a 1 year old friendly, loving and sociable female.
  • Blaze will tap or lean on her human’s legs to be picked up, and then reward her human with kisses.
  • Blaze has a mild condition from her scary time as a kitten. Her bladder dribbles a little, but she uses her litter box and with a little extra work, she can lead a normal life.
  • She would do best with a bed that can easily be cleaned and a home with minimal carpets to limit any mess.
  • Blaze is truly a beauty who should not be passed up.

Mr. Tux

  • Handsome hunk with gorgeous, long whiskers, sure to make the other cats jealous!
  • Mr. Tux likes attention, to be carried around, and treats of chicken!
  • He gets along well with cats, dogs and young children. Tux is 4 years old.

Paul & Vidal

  • 9 week old adorable male tiger kittens.
  • These two are looking for a stylish family to complete their lives!


  • Age-12 years young, but you know a lady shouldn’t disclose her age. Gray tiger pattern, medium hair.
  • Likes- chin scratches, head butts, comfortable beds, and fancy feast gravy lovers.
  • Dislikes- other animals, being held, and vet visits.
  • Things you should know about me- I will promptly wait for my bowl to be full, I will tap you if you don’t pay enough attention to me, I lived with kids before and did okay.
  • Perfect home – calm person/family with no other pets.


  • Petite and cute Cora is a 1 year old black female cat. She has a white spot on her chest.
  • Cora is a queen bee, and would prefer to not socialize with anyone else in the hive. She would do best as an only cat.
  • Cora states that she “enjoys basking in the sun, playing with mice (real or stuffed), and annoying her humans for more food.”


  • 6 year old ruggedly handsome male cat.
  • Warm and cozy inside, and no longer on the NYC streets, he enjoys being pet and meows for his human friends.
  • Taliver is FIV positive. FIV is spread to other felines through deep bite wounds.
    FIV cannot be transferred to humans either. Casual playing, eating, & grooming, does not spread the disease.
  • He is currently living happily with another cat who is FIV negative.


  • 1 1/2 year black & white DSH female
  • Very laid back, likes kids, cats and even fooled the family dog into thinking they are pals!
  • Maya likes to help around the house by splashing in the tub, and eating all of her food off the floor!

Humphrey Bogart

  • Not to be overshadowed by his leading lady sisters, handsome Humprey is the only brother in this litter of 9 week old black & white kittens.
  • He is funny, cuddly, and looking for his forever home!


  • Dalton is a 1 1/2 year old male dark gray tiger.
  • He is friendly, and good with other cats.
  • Dalton has a longer fur and may be a Maine Coon mix.

Audrey Hepburn

  • Last but not least, this beauty rounds out this elegant litter.
  • Audrey enjoys breakfast, especially at Tiffany’s, playing with feather toys, and tumbling with her siblings.

Suzie & Chander

  • 12 week old tiger kittens, full of life, cuteness and cuddles!
  • Chander is as cute as can be, he is a full brown tiger. He loves to take naps on his human’s lap after running around for playtime.
  • Little Miss Suzie, lighter face in front, is equally as cute, and is looking for lap to sleep in!
  • Don’t forget adopting more than one kitten has it’s rewards: they keep each other company, don’t get lonely, and stay out of trouble!


  • Sophie is a petite 5 year old, full gray female cat.
  • She is silly and playful. She thinks jingle balls ROCK! and can occasionally be caught chasing her own tail.
  • Sophie is good with dogs, other cats, and likes to snuggle with her brother Hunter!


  • Hunter is a 5 year old orange and white male cat.
  • He is laid back, and his favorite past time is napping.
  • Hunter enjoys spending time snuggling with other cats.
  • He gets along ok with dogs!


  • 10 week old orange and white male kitten.
  • Skittles likes to take piggy back rides, and then climb into your lap!
  • Skittles is very playful and sociable!


  • Miss Molly is a 1 year old calico, and she is Skittles’ Momma!
  • She is funny, petite, playful, affectionate and fast!
  • Molly and Skittles do not need to be adopted together but they are a funny pair and enjoy each other’s company.


  • John is a 10 week old white and gray male kitten.
  • He is a little timid, but enjoys playing and snuggling!


  • This big hunk of love is a 1 1/2 year old male cat, orange and white.
  • Morris is friendly and gets along with other cats.

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  1. Hi Janice,
    Our adoption requirement starts with filling out an application which can be found on the available cat page, or the application page. Once approved we can arrange a time to meet and greet, if you haven’t already met them at Petco. We will be in Whitehall tomorrow, from 10-1. Paisley does have an application on her and her brother, but please still come out and meet everyone, we have a ton of kittens and older cats; sometimes one of each is fun!

  2. I am interested in Pip Squeak. What type of surgery eill she require later? Are there other health issues to be aware if with her? I would love to come meet her Monday if possible.
    Jean Geiger

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