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“Don’t forget your mask!”

Petco Whitehall, PA adoption hours:

Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM

Individual meet and greets may be scheduled with volunteers during the week.

Living Things, Orefield PA adoption hours:

Sunday 11 AM – 1 PM

Please inquire with a volunteer prior to attending as hours may change at this location.


  • Meet Sunshine!
  • Sunshine is a 1 year old stunning black coated female cat.
  • Sunshine loves other cats!
  • Sunshine would do GREAT adopted with either Aladdin or Bella, whom she is currently being fostered with.


  • Miss Zoe is a two year old tuxedo, female with a gorgeous coat.
  • Zoe must go to a home with at least one other cat.
  • Zoe loves her wet food, cat nip, and snuggling at the top of a tree stand where she can watch the humans.
  • She enjoys playing with the resident foster kittens that come and go.
  • Zoe is shy and may never fully welcome constant human contact, but she would do fine in a calm house with other cats to keep her company.

Luna & Sophie

  • Luna (right) is an 8 month old dilute calico.
  • Luna loves her buddy Sophie and the must be adopted together!
  • Stunning Sophie (right) is a young adult calico female.
  • Sophie is very sweet and craves attention.
  • Sophie doesn’t mind cat friendly dogs!

Garfield & Arlena

  • Who needs crazy teenagers ruling their house??? That’s these two! They love cats, dogs and all toys!
  •  Special needs / bonded pair, Garfield and Arlena are looking for their forever home.
  • Warning ⚠️ These two are heart stealers❤️They love everyone❤️!
  • Garfield, or just G for short, has acid reflux for which he requires an inexpensive medicine, and a special feeding schedule to keep his belly happy.
  • Arlena had a bad ear infection as a kitten. She is healed but it left her a little wobbly some days.


  • Bella is around 10 months, a female tortoiseshell with a shiny coat and stunning eyes!
  • She is on the shy side, so an experienced and patient pet owner is BEST.
  • Bella loves to play and spend some time snuggling in a cozy bed, and she is the best office companion!


  • Talia is a 3 month old female tabby who is ready for her forever home!
  • She would do great adopted into a home with another kitten or young cat to wrestle with!
  • Talia is a gorgeous female kitten with tiger stripes.


  • We aren’t sure what color this boy will end up being, but he’s not afraid to run, roar and capture your heart!
  • Dandelion is an 8 week old male kitten, and he does well with cats and dogs.


  • This handsome fella is about 2 years old, neutered, negative for FeLV/FIV, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.
  • He’s almost all black except the tiniest spot of white on his chest.
  • Aladdin just started the indoor life but is loving almost every minute of it. He likes to explore and be loved on. He’s a purr machine and loves to snuggle; don’t let that tomboy stare fool you! He’s eating well and using the litter box, too!


  • Chevy is a 3 month old male kitten, gray tiger and white.
  • Kittens do awesome when they are adopted in pairs!
  • His litter mates are Mercedes, and Ford (orange tabby).
  • Chevy is quite a character and has the softest fur!


  • Mercedes is a 3 month old female kitten.
  • Kittens do awesome adopted in pairs!
  • Her litter mates are Chevy, and Ford (orange tabby).
  • Mercedes is a gorgeous Siamese mix.


  • 3 month old male tuxedo kitten.
  • Funny and playful, Gillie would do great adopted with his brother Billie, or another fun-loving cat!


  • Billie is an adorable 3 month old male tuxedo kitten.
  • Billie has a medium-length coat and loves to play and run with his brother Gillie.

Mr. Marly

  • Meet Mr. Marly!
  • This stunning tiger is a funny and loving guy.
  • Marly would prefer a home all his own…ONLY ONE CAT HOME.
  • Marly is handsome, playful, chatty and in charge!


  • Cutey pie Archie is a medium haired 2.5 month old gray kitten!
  • Archie should be adopted with either of his brothers, Penn and Monty, or with another young, playful cat.
  • Archie is medically up to date and enjoys kitten shenanigans.


  • Monty is a 2.5 month old silver tabby, male who just loves to run and play with his brothers.
  • Monty would do BEST adopted with one of his brothers, Archie and Penn, or with another young cat to play with.


  • Penn is 2.5 months old, male gray kitten. His coat is just stunning!
  • Penn should be adopted with one of his active brothers, Monty and Archie, or another young cat.
  • Penn loves to find silly places to sleep.


  • If Calypso would sit still a moment, we’d get a good shot of her adorable round face!
  • Calypso is a 3 month old ginger female, who is ready to find a home of her own with another kitty to play with.
  • Calypso is very energetic and loves to wrestle!
  • Calypso and Sylvie would love to be adopted together.


  • Johnnie is a happy go lucky dude!
  • He likes to play, nap and throw himself into every situation! They are all exciting!
  • Johnnie would do best adopted with another kitten, Reed is his brother!

Bentley & Ford

  • Affectionate brothers Bentley & Ford are 3 month old twin tigers!
  • They LOVE to snuggle with each other, but really enjoy their one on one human time too!
  • Bentley & Ford enjoy playing!

Meow Meow

  • Her name should be Love Love!
  • Meow Meow loves everything but other kitties.
  • She is a 4 year old black and white female who searches for attention in the form of petting, chin rubs, and belly scratches!
  • Meow Meow is an ONLY CAT household.


  • Perfect kitten alert~!
  • Hazel is a 3 month old petite female with gorgeous colors and markings. We can’t get over her cute nose!
  • Hazel is gentle, loving and playful.


  • Strong and silent Reed is ready for adoption!
  • He likes to watch the action from the bleachers…but look out ribbon toy, he’s coming for you!!
  • Reed should be adopted with another kitten, Johnnie is his brother!

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