Available Cats/Kittens

Please click the cat picture for EASY online form, which will be submitted directly to the rescue!

If you prefer a paper application, please complete the PDF below and email completed form to:

[email protected]

FELINE application, PDF


Please visit Starting Over Animal Rescue at Petco for adoption events, every Saturday. Summer hours will be from 9 a.m.- 11 a.m.

Petco 2621 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052

“Don’t forget your mask!”

  • Petco & SOAR require visitors to wear a face covering over both the nose & mouth.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing.
  • Currently a maximum of 3 fosters/volunteers will be present for animal showings. Please be patient and courteous as we begin this new process.


  • Miss Scarlet is a 1-2 year old sassy tabby, who is front declawed.
  • Scarlet would do BEST in a home with NO small children.
  • This pretty tabby loves to play and give her human head bumps.


  • Pretty Nadia is a medium haired tabby who is looking for her forever home. She is less than 1 year old.
  • Nadia would do BEST in a home as the only cat to start.
  • Nadia is a sweet girl who likes to make biscuits! She purrs and loves head scratches!
  • Nadia and her fluffy tail can be viewed at Petco in Whitehall. *formerly named Nugget.


  • Gentle Lionel is being fostered by a friend of SOAR, and is being posted as a courtesy.
  • Lionel is a 2 year old male cat, white with a semi long haired coat, which will require brushing.
  • Lionel would do BEST with an adult household, or older children.
  • He LOVES cats, NO dogs please!
  • Lionel is a bit shy and should go into a cat savvy home; he is potentially hearing impaired but it doesn’t slow him down.

17 thoughts on “Available Cats/Kittens

  1. Where is Astoria? The black and white tuxedo from Petco in Whitehall? We may be interested in her. Visited her twice. We just bought a home and it feels very empty. Thank you. Kayleigh & Jordan

    1. Hi Kayleigh & Jordan,

      Astoria is living at Petco in Whitehall. We have adoption hours on Saturdays from 10-1, or we can have a volunteer meet you during the week to visit her, with an approved application.

      Can you please fill out an application on this website?

      Thank you!

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

      1. I just saw your comment. Did Astoria ever find a home in Petco whitehall? She wasn’t outside to be viewed back in march the 3rd time we went so we just assumed she was adopted. If we would have known we would have adopted her.

        1. Hi there,
          Yes, she was adopted a few weeks back. I had written back and asked you to fill out an application, so if we did not get an application, we would not know your interest in adopting her. Our animals do meet and greets only after approved applications (unless it’s Petco hours on Saturdays).

          Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  2. Hi I felt very sorry for a stray at christmas and gave him a forever home took him to vet caught him all up and got him every thing he needs=I love him so much and he is a real sweet heart my friends(who all have cats) call him prince because he has it so good but his name is BOO ! was thinking he might need a friend would want another lover and no kittens was thinking of maybe Sylvester how old is he?, Domingo because I think Fresca got adopted have been following you guys since before I got BOO or Chessie if you think she would get along with a 3-5 yr old beautiful white and black tabby and a retired women who is home a lot! Please give me your thoughts as you know these cats personalities or if you might have another cat in mind. Just want to give them a good home Thank you so much Rita

    1. Hi Rita,

      We received your application and sent you a follow up email. I will call you tomorrow, Wednesday.

      Thank you!

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  3. Hibiscus and Boots (well all of them) are so beautiful and sweet looking. I hope they all find their forever homes soon because they are sweethearts! I hope Hibiscus gets to come home with me but I’m wishing the best no matter what.

  4. Good morning! I’m reaching out to you on the little gray kitty that was posted yesterday by Shawn Lynch. I have an updated application filled out from the beginning of this year. I also have adopted 2 kitties from Soar last year. Been searching from a gray kitty for months now and I’m super excited to see this little guy! Looking forward to hearing back from you ❤️ Thank you!

    1. Hey Josie,

      I think you have been corresponding w/ Shawn, and I sent your application to our VP to be reviewed. Typically the applications are only good for 30 days, but I know the kittens you had previously wanted were adopted.

      If you have other questions, please call the phone number on our home page, listed under “adoption info.”


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  5. Hi SOAR Friends,

    We saw your SWEET and BEAUTIFUL Chrissy 😻 at Whitehall Petco. Is SHE yet available for adoption? We have two WONDERFUL cats 😸 😺 who would love ❤️ a little SISTER! Would Chrissy be happy to be with a brother and sister? 🐈 We all would love 💕 HER!!! THANKS so much for your time and kind consideration 😁

    Bob & Mary Ann , 5/16/21

    1. Hi Bob & Mary Ann,

      This is very exciting! We have been waiting for a home for this gal! We think she would do ok with other cats, how old are they?

      Can you fill out an application online on this webpage?

      I will follow this up with an email.

      Thank you!
      SOAR volunteer

  6. I am interested in adopting Baby Doll. I am a 50 year old single woman who lives alone and does not work I am financially comfortable and have lots if time to love and care for Baby Doll

  7. Hello ,I’m aleesha,I’m looking to take Loki in if he is still available, does he get along with other cats? I do have a 2 year old female tuxedo what application would I have to fill out for adoption ?

    1. Hi Aleesha!

      Please fill out our on line application on the adoptable cats, or application page. I am not sure if Loki gets along with other cats, but I will ask his foster. He is at Petco in Whitehall if you want to meet him. We can do meet and greets after an approved application, or on Saturdays from 9-11 AM.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

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