Please print the application below, complete it (including pet’s name), scan, and email to



  • Raisin is too busy exploring her new world to sit still for photos, but we finally snapped a good one!
  • She is a 8 month old female kitten, currently running circles around her fellow foster cats, and family dog!
  • Raisin is a beautifully marked tiger cat.


  • This girls is always the center of the cat house party! She would do best in a home with other cats to keep her feeling comfortable and confident.
  • 1 1/2 year old DSH female, white with tiger tail and 2 “angel” patches on her shoulders.
  • Angel does enjoy her human companions, & keeps them warm at night, but she LOVES her fellow kitties!


  • Sweet Selva is a sleek gray 2 year old male British Shorthair.
  • Loves headbutts, laps and other feline friends.
  • Selva just had eye surgery to remove his bad eye, he is healing well!


  • 3 year old neutered male Persian…just wait for these locks to grow in, he’s a beauty!
  • Likes: attention, snuggling in laps, staying in your lap while you stand up, exploring.
  • Dislikes: not being in a lap, an empty food bowl, drama.
  • Dover will require daily upkeep to his white fur including cleaning of his eyes and brushing of his fur (when it’s back!).

Patty Bovier

  • Patty B. was just a tiny little girl when she was rescued. She has blossomed under our volunteers caring hands to a real sweetheart!
  • 5 month old female tiger.
  • Likes to play, snuggle, be held.
  • Has limited to no sight in one eye, but it does not bother her or slow her down!


  • “I’m sorry, were we supposed to share that food? I ate it all!”
  • China is a sweet, young, lap seeking gray Persian.
  • She is the queen of the house and prefers to be the only cat.


  • 6 year old ruggedly handsome male cat.
  • Warm and cozy inside, and no longer on the NYC streets, he enjoys being pet and meows for his human friends.
  • Taliver is FIV positive. FIV is spread to other felines through deep bite wounds.
    FIV cannot be transferred to humans either. Casual playing, eating, & grooming, does not spread the disease.
  • He is currently living happily with another cat who is FIV negative.


  • Sweet and vivacious Vicky is a senior kitty who at 12 years old found her self on a euthanasia list, simply because of her age.
  • She loves to play (see picture!), climb high, and talk about your day.
  • Vicky does well with older children and female cat companions.


  • Hugo is the perfect name for this Scottish Breed Group, with a huge personality.
  • 1 year old, gray male. Judging by his ears, he may be more of a Scottish Straight, than Fold.
  • The breed is typically intelligent, friendly, mild, and independent.

Baby Cat

  • Baby Cat’s striking eyes will draw you in & have you falling in love with this 6 month old female kitten.
  • She continues to blossom every day as her trust with humans grows.
  • Food? That’s the way to this girls heart!
  • Feline friends? Score! Baby cat feels more comfortable in the presence of other cats, and would do best in a home with feline friends to snuggle & play with.

Sophie & Hunter

  • Sophie (gray female) & Hunter (orange/white male) are incredibly sweet and gentle 4 year old siblings.
  • Sophie loves to chase her tail & pounce on jingle balls.
  • Hunter enjoys NAPS! and cuddling with his sister.
  • Cats do not have to be adopted together, but they are bonded and would do well together in a serene home environment.


  • This guy is almost too amazing to describe!
  • Calvin has CH, cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes him to wobble a little, but nothing holds this cutey back.
  • CH is not painful or progressive, and cats can live a long & normal life.
  • If interested in Calvin, please inquire about the slight modifications he may need in his life!


  • 6 month old female kitten
  • Recovering amazingly from hip surgery, after her rescue in Philadelphia
  • Sweet, outgoing, affectionate!


  • 6 year old male tiger is a big ‘ole bundle of love.
  • Buddy once weighed a shocking 32 pounds, & will need to stay on a diet to keep his trim 17 pound figure.
  • NO dogs please, and only mellow cats.
  • He loves to show off his adorable belly, but please, keep your hands to yourself!


  • Gorgeous peke-faced male Himalayan, 5 years old.
  • Ramsey is a quiet guy who likes to lounge around, and watch the action of the house. He would not mind being the only cat.
  • A commitment should be made towards the daily care of your Himalayan cat.

Isabella (Ika)

  • “Are you looking at me? You should be looking at me, look at this beautiful face and coat.”
  • 5 year old, medium haired female.
  • Isabella has moved around a lot and needs a patient hand who will continue to help her grow out of her shell.


  • 1 1/2 year black & white DSH female
  • Very laid back, likes kids, cats and even fooled the family dog into thinking they are pals!
  • Maya likes to help around the house by splashing in the tub, and eating all of her food off the floor!


  • Talkative one year old female Persian.
  • This sweet and adorable girl is ready to be adopted and make your home a brighter place!
  • Snow is social and enjoys the company of other cats, but not too many!
  • Persian’s require daily up keep to their fur and precious little faces!


  • 6 year old spayed female looking for her furever family.
  • LIKES: cuddles, exploring, talking, and family dinners (aka please pet me while I eat)
    Dislikes: other cats in my space
  • What three words would describe you: she shared “lovable, adventurous, and sassy.”
  • Tinsel does well with kids and dogs, no other cats please!


  • 3 year old orange & white female Persian.
  • Phoebe is laid back, sweet, and likes to be the center of your universe!
  • She would be fine as an only cat, but she does get along with her other foster cats, as well as the family dog!

3 thoughts on “Available Cats/Kittens”

  1. Hi! We went to Petco hoping to find a fluffy friend for the family, we saw Phoebe and we love her. Could I schedule to meet her with the family?
    We’d love to bring her home❤️
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ingunn,

      I am so happy to hear you like Phoebe; did you see her during the day at adoption days, or tonight at Petco? If you haven’t previously filled out an application, please do so on this website. Include her name and email it to

      Thank you!
      SOAR volunteers

  2. We came to the store later that day, after the adoptions.. i will get the application filled and sent over today!


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