Please print the application below, complete it (including pet’s name), scan, and email to [email protected]


Kitten season started in the Spring and kept going, and going, and is still going strong. SOAR has many cats and kittens that are looking for GREAT homes. Since we are a rescue, and not a shelter, we can only hold so many furry faces. For November only we are REDUCING our adoption fee to $75 per cat/kitten.  Please always ask about special pricing on SENIOR kitties as well! See individual cats for exclusions. 


  • Big Gus is a 5 year old black & white male. He is a bigger guy who loves to snuggle!
  • He enjoys feather toys, food, large litter boxes and peace & quiet.
  • Gus would do best in a home as the only cat, or with another kitty who is cool & calm.

Steve McQueen, Sadie, Dudley & Delilah

  • This gang of backyard babies are adorable, playful, full of purrs, and sweet.
  • Steve (Lightening) McQueen is the black male kitten. He is brave, but also shy. He LOVES to eat, and purr for attention.
  • Tigers: Sadie (female) is adventurous, curious, & will roll over for tummy rubs. Delilah (female) likes feather toys, is a bit shy, & would do best adopted with a bold sibling. Brother Dudley is the class clown who craves attention, loves to purr and run!


  • This scrumptious Smidgen is a beautiful and wonderful 2 year old tiger & white male.
  • He is playful, has a crazy motor, is kind and likes to talk!
  • Smidgen would do best as the only cat, or with one other cat, as he can be very shy & scared with too many cats.


  • Leo the love bug is a 5 year young tiger and white male.
  • This boy is as sweet as can be with purrs, head butts, and naps in your lap!


  • This spunky little dude is looking for her forever home.
  • Pip is a gray tiger who has A LOT of love to give.
  • He will paw her human and purr until affection is returned.
  • Pip gets along well with other cats and would do well with another kitten to keep him busy.
  • Pip is currently shacking up with Humphrey & Audrey!


  • Little Creamsicle is a 9 week old ginger girl who is looking for her forever home.
  • She is sweet and cuddly!


  • Napolean is a little quirt of a ginger kitty who is full of love!
  • He enjoys exploring the forest (look out house plants!), playing, and cuddling in his cocoon bed.
  • This 11 week old is full of spunk and kitten energy!


  • Karma is a beautiful 6 month old female.
  • She is a sweet gal with a lovely dilute Calico coat.

Monique, Mason, & Maverick

  • 9 week old cuties look for their forever home!
  • Monique is a petite tiger female, brothers Mason, also a tiger, and Maverick, orange.
  • Kittens do well when they are adopted in pairs!


  • Sweet Paloma, or a butterfly, is a an orange and white little girl.
  • This love bug is full of spunk and sass, but oh so adorable!!

Mr. Tux

  • Handsome hunk with gorgeous, long whiskers, sure to make the other cats jealous!
  • Mr. Tux likes attention, to be carried around, and treats of chicken!
  • He gets along well with cats, dogs and young children. Tux is 4 years old.


  • This black beauty is a 1 year old friendly, loving and sociable female.
  • Blaze will tap or lean on her human’s legs to be picked up, and then reward her human with kisses.
  • Blaze has a mild condition from her scary time as a kitten. Her bladder dribbles a little, but she uses her litter box and with a little extra work, she can lead a normal life.
  • She would do best with a bed that can easily be cleaned and a home with minimal carpets to limit any mess.
  • Blaze is truly a beauty who should not be passed up.


  • Miss G is a talkative, friendly young tiger female.
  • Gracie LOVES wet food, playing, head butts, and chin rubs.
  • Don’t miss out on this beautiful cat!

Motley Crue

  • These troublemakers are 8 weeks old and cute as can be. They are sweet and like attention.
  • Brothers Tommy (long hair) and Vince. Sisters Mickie (long hair), Nikkie and Lee.
  • Kittens enjoy tumbling and playing with their litter mates, consider adopting a pair!


  • Age-12 years young, but you know a lady shouldn’t disclose her age. Gray tiger pattern, medium hair.
  • Likes- chin scratches, head butts, comfortable beds, and fancy feast gravy lovers.
  • Dislikes- other animals, being held, and vet visits.
  • Things you should know about me- I will promptly wait for my bowl to be full, I will tap you if you don’t pay enough attention to me, I lived with kids before and did okay.
  • Perfect home – calm person/family with no other pets.


  • Petite and cute Cora is a 1 year old black female cat. She has a white spot on her chest.
  • Cora is a queen bee, and would prefer to not socialize with anyone else in the hive. She would do best as an only cat.
  • Cora states that she “enjoys basking in the sun, playing with mice (real or stuffed), and annoying her humans for more food.”


  • *****PET OF THE MONTH******
  • 6 year old ruggedly handsome male cat.
  • Warm and cozy inside, and no longer on the NYC streets, he enjoys being pet and meows for his human friends.
  • Taliver is FIV positive. FIV is spread to other felines through deep bite wounds.
    FIV cannot be transferred to humans either. Casual playing, eating, & grooming, does not spread the disease.
  • He is currently living happily with another cat who is FIV negative.


  • Sweet and cute Butterscotch is a 9 week old ginger girl.
  • She is petite and loving!


  • 2 year black & white DSH female
  • Very laid back, likes kids, cats and even fooled the family dog into thinking they are pals!
  • Maya likes to help around the house by splashing in the tub, and eating all of her food off the floor!
  • Maya (or Mumu) would do BEST with another cat to bond and snuggle with.


  • Hunter is a 5 year old orange and white male cat.
  • He is laid back, and his favorite past time is napping.
  • Hunter enjoys spending time snuggling with other cats.
  • He gets along ok with dogs!

Suzie & Chander

  • Tiger kittens, full of life, cuteness and cuddles!
  • Chander is as cute as can be, 14 weeks old, he is a full brown tiger. He loves to take naps on his human’s lap after running around for playtime.
  • Little Miss Suzie, 10 weeks old, has a lighter face in front, is equally as cute, and is looking for lap to sleep in!
  • Don’t forget adopting more than one kitten has it’s rewards: they keep each other company, don’t get lonely, and stay out of trouble!


  • This big hunk of love is a 1 1/2 year old male cat, orange and white.
  • Morris is friendly and gets along with other cats.


  • Penny is a 12 week old long haired black female kitten.
  • This gal was found like a lot of kittens are, alone and afraid.
  • Penny is adorable, but is still a little shy because of her scary beginning. Love and a patient hand will have her purring in your lap in no time!


  • Irma is a 3-4 year old female kitty, mostly white with a light dusting of gray & brown color on her head and tail.
  • Irma does get along with other cats, but can be a bit shy.
  • She enjoys tasty treats & being pet!


  • Sophie is a petite 5 year old, full gray female cat.
  • She is silly and playful. She thinks jingle balls ROCK! and can occasionally be caught chasing her own tail.
  • Sophie is good with dogs, other cats, and likes to snuggle with her brother Hunter!

Delia & Cider

  • 9 week old kittens, love to snuggle and ham it up for the camera!
  • Omega, ***ADOPTED*** Omega
  • Delia (split face) and Cider are tortoiseshell gals!


  • Miss Gigi is a former bottle fed baby who has turned into a strong willed, beautiful 12 week old female kitten.
  • Gigi likes to play and would do best with another feline friend to keep her company (and off the curtains!).
  • She likes to give kisses on the chin!

Axel & Ajax

  • 4 month old ginger brothers who are as sweet and kind as can be!
  • Axel & Ajax are very playful, and would love to continue living together. Please consider adopting both!

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    1. Hi Emma,

      Thank you for stopping in to our adoption day! Did you fill out an application? If not, you can do it on our website. We have adoptions every Saturday at Petco in Whitehall from 10-1. Please let me know, so I can make sure she is there again!

      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

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