Available Cats/Kittens

Please click the cat picture for EASY online form, which will be submitted directly to the rescue!

If you prefer a paper application, please complete the PDF below and email completed form to:

[email protected]

FELINE application, PDF


Petco Whitehall, PA adoption hours:

Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM

Individual meet and greets may be scheduled with volunteers during the week.

Living Things, Orefield PA adoption hours:

Sunday 11 AM – 1 PM

Please inquire with a volunteer prior to attending as hours may change at this location.


  • Meet our funny friend Jester!
  • Jester loves to play and is a really sweet boy.
  • He is a 3-year-old neutered male tabby cat, with the cutest and most curious eyes.
  • Jester should be the only cat in the home, he’s selective about which cats he likes, proper introductions would be required.


  • She may be shy at first, but KALI loves to be pet & brushed.
  • Kali especially loves softly spoken words about how pretty she is…that gets her purring and making biscuits.
  • With love & kindness, KALI’s confidence unfolds beautifully like petals on a blossom.
  • Kali is a dilute tortoiseshell female.
  • Kali is now at Coal Cats Cafe in Tamaqua!


  • Pablo is 3 years old and recently had surgery for urinary crystals.
  • He is a gorgeous and loving tabby cat!
  • He is feeling GREAT and is a superb house guest and an all-around good boy!!!
  • Pablo needs to be on a special food diet. Please inquire for details!


  • Mochi is a 9-year-old very petite kitty weighing only 6 pounds!
  • She is very friendly and loving.
  • Mochi is microchipped, spayed, and combination tested.
  • Looking for a place to call her own.

Luna & Sophie

  • Luna (right) is an 10-month-old dilute calico.
  • Luna loves her buddy Sophie and the must be adopted together!
  • Stunning Sophie (left) is a young adult calico female.
  • Sophie is lovely and craves attention.
  • Sophie doesn’t mind cat-friendly dogs!


  • Nothing like a fluffy Pancake to make your morning!
  • Pancake is about 8 months old and has come so far since she’s been with us for the last few months. She went from “don’t even think about looking at me” to “you can look, but maybe please don’t touch, ok yes, pet ME!”.
  • Pancake MUST BE ADOPTED into a patient family who will let her continue to blossom. She enjoys other cats and kittens. She even tolerates a little helper’s antics (small children!).
  • She loves to strut her fluffy self and tell you stories 💕
  • Pumpkin is 8 months old, medium-haired ginger and white female, spayed, negative for FIV/FeLV and UTD on shots.
  • She is currently at Coal Cat’s Cafe.


  • Oh Luciano… you nailed your adoption photo! Gorgeous!
  • Luciano is a tiger and white male cat, around 4 years old.
  • He eats mostly wet food, and he LOVES it.
  • Luciano is curious and friendly, and he would be fine as an only cat or with a proper introduction to another feline.
  • Luciano’s adoption fee is SPONSORED!
  • Luciano’s owners will need to be active to keep him busy and out of trouble!
  • This kit cat is a lot of fun and spunk!


  • Victoria is a beautiful tortoiseshell adult female, living at Petco in Whitehall.
  • Victoria is a bit shy but welcomes petting and we think this orange-nosed beauty will blossom in no time!
  • This demure little lady is soft-spoken, sweet, and likes to burrow under blankets when feeling shy.
  • VICTORIA was initially meek, but her confidence is growing by the day. She is affectionate, loves to chase laser pointers, and wants to become part of your family.
  • Victoria is at Coal Cat’s Cafe.


  • ONYX is a sweet & friendly full-figured gal. She is a 9-year-old, black female cat.
  • She’s been on a reduced-calorie, mostly wet diet (much to her dismay) to bring her weight down.
  • ONYX is an adorably voluptuous chonker… but at her current size, she has trouble grooming all of herself, so it’s important her new family be consistent to help her reach her fitness goals.
  • Who will give this sweetie the love she deserves?


  • ⚡️BOWIE⚡️ is back!
  • Handsome, friendly Siamese mix- somewhat emotionally needy, but not a total clinger.
  • Loves to converse, cuddle, & be the center of attention.
  • BOWIE was rescued from a hoarding situation so he is excellent at standing out in a crowd.
  • 2.5-year-old male cat.


  • Look at this handsome boy!
  • Benjamin is a Siamese mix, 1 1/2 years old.
  • We think he would prefer to be the ONLY pet in the household.
  • He is neutered and up to date on vaccines.
  • Benji likes to be around his humans, has a lot to say and goes nuts with his sparkle ball. 

See more of our cats at Coal Cats Cafe in Tamaqua, PA! https://www.coalcatscafe.com/

13 thoughts on “Available Cats/Kittens

    1. Hi Lori,

      I am not sure who Emma is, but I’m checking. I will send you an email as well.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  1. Do you have any information on McFlurry? I am looking for a cat that would be good with another cat and a dog.

    1. Hi Diana

      I have McFlurry in my home as a foster. He would do great with another cat.

      I am sending you an email to follow up.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

    1. Hi Tatyana,

      Barry has been adopted. If you are interested in another cat please fill out an application on our website.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  2. Hi! My daughter has been asking to have a kitten/cat to call her own. We currently have 2 cat loving low key dogs in our home so must be ok with dogs. I’m looking for a kitten/cat whose gentle and affectionate. If there are any you could point out that would be a fit for this cat loving kiddo that would be awesome! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Allycia,

      The cat cafe in Tamaqua, Coal’s Cat Cafe, may be a good place to start! We also have adoption hours at Petco in Whitehall from 10 AM- 12 PM on Saturdays. I think a cat choice would depend on your daughter’s age and experience with cats.

      SOAR volunteer

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to inquire about Pablo’s diet.

    We were looking to see if he is on the same diet as our boy currently. We wanted to see if we can take care of both of them without breaking the bank or having one of them go in for further vet visits.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hey Laura,

      I can find out for you! I am going to email you directly.


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

  4. I was at Petco a few days ago. Do you bring other cats along with you on Saturday, for adoption day?

    1. Hi Tammy,

      The cats that come vary, and they are not all available; many of our volunteers are not local. What kind of cat are you interested in?


      Melissa, SOAR volunteer

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