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Kitten season has started and we have many kittens coming soon!  Stay tuned to our webpage, as well as our Facebook pages.  When adopting kittens, please consider adopting two; they will keep each other busy and out of trouble! 


  • 1-2 year old female, gray and white tiger female.
  • Beautiful is a pretty girl, with gorgeous sea-foam green eyes.
  • She is micro-chipped, spayed and up to date on all shots.
  • B is a little shy, but enjoys being pet and looks for head butts.


  • 6 month old beautiful female, black and white kitten.
  • Semi-long haired.
  • NO dogs please, the barking makes her bonkers!
  • Camilla was born with a birth defect, and has some problems walking normal, but uses her litter box just fine!


  • Sylvie a beautiful medium haired orange and white female.
  • She is 8 months old, with a lot of potential.
  • Sylvie would do best with another cat, preferably a kitten do help her personality blossom. She is a little shy but patience is your best virtue with her!


  • 2 year old Turkish Angora female, with a luxurious coat.
  • Loves attention and snuggling!
  • Belva enjoys to play, and likes to hog all the toys. She gets along well with other cats but would probably do BEST as an only cat. Someone likes all of your attention!


  • Sweet and vivacious Vicky is a senior kitty who at 12 years old found her self on a euthanasia list, simply because of her age.
  • She loves to play (see picture!), climb high, and talk about your day.
  • Vicky does well with older children and female cat companions.

Maya & Pickles

  • 9 week old tiger kittens!
  • Kittens are active, sweet, funny, entertaining.
  • Consider adopting both kittens; they will keep each other company (they get lonely when they are little) and out of trouble!


  • 2 year old white/tiger female.
  • Cookie is a sweet young girl with a strong will to live.
  • She loves people and is learning to like other cats, dogs, and even using the toilet!
  • Cookie also loves to talk & steal your attention!


  • 6 year old ruggedly handsome male cat.
  • Warm and cozy inside, and no longer on the NYC streets, he enjoys being pet and meows for his human friends.
  • Taliver is FIV positive. FIV is spread to other felines through deep bite wounds.
    FIV cannot be transferred to humans either. Casual playing, eating, & grooming, does not spread the disease.
  • He is currently living happily with another cat who is FIV negative.

Baby Cat

  • Baby Cat’s striking eyes will draw you in & have you falling in love with this 6 month old female kitten.
  • She continues to blossom every day as her trust with humans grows.
  • Food? That’s the way to this girls heart!
  • Feline friends? Score! Baby cat feels more comfortable in the presence of other cats, and would do best in a home with feline friends to snuggle & play with.


  • 2 year old female Persian.


  • NO dogs please, and only mellow cats.
  • Buddy once weighed a shocking 32 pounds, & will need to stay on a diet to keep his trim 17 pound figure.
  • He loves to show off his adorable belly, but please, keep your hands to yourself!
  • 6 year old male tiger is a big ‘ole bundle of love.

Sophie & Hunter

  • Sophie (gray female) & Hunter (orange/white male) are incredibly sweet and gentle 4 year old siblings.
  • Sophie loves to chase her tail & pounce on jingle balls.
  • Hunter enjoys NAPS! and cuddling with his sister.
  • Cats do not have to be adopted together, but they are bonded and would do well together in a serene home environment.
  • Ok with dogs!


  • 2 year old male Persian.


  • 1 1/2 year black & white DSH female
  • Very laid back, likes kids, cats and even fooled the family dog into thinking they are pals!
  • Maya likes to help around the house by splashing in the tub, and eating all of her food off the floor!


  • 2 year old female tiger with STUNNING large green eyes.
  • Emily is a little shy, but is making great progress.
  • She is petite, friendly, and good around other cats!


  • 2 year old sweet, loving, & gentle female Persian.
  • Liana is good with children, and other cats.
  • She enjoys being brushed, getting chin scratches, and snuggling up close to you at night!
  • Multi-colored eyes.


  • 3-4 year old full gray (even that cute nose!) long haired female
  • Willow is as sweet as pie and loves affection.
  • NO dogs please, she is quite scared of them! She has never been around small children.
  • She is front declawed.
  • She is missing her human so much,won’t you adopt her today?


  • Miss Mouse gained her name by trying to be just like a mouse & fit into the tiniest of places!
  • 2 year old female Turkish Van.
  • She is very sweet and playful, but also likes to take some time to rest and recharge her kitty battery!


  • Big, beautiful female Persian
  • Loves to jump in your lap, and if you don’t pick her up first, she’ll just invite herself!
  • Snuggle buddy alert! Unless it’s the dog, then look out!
  • Persians require daily grooming and upkeep, Rayne enjoys being brushed.


  • 2 year old female Persian.
  • This beautiful lady is a true lap cat.
  • She loves to be brushed and will reward her human companion with purrs.
  • Mayara loves to play, and may be best suited as an only cat.

Poppy & Petunia

  • 9 week old tiger and white female kittens.
  • These gals love to run and play!
  • P&P are patiently waiting for their forever homes; hurry up they won’t last long!

Aurora, Ariel, Tiana & Chase

  • Kitten season fever has landed these cuties at SOAR, 9 weeks old.
  • The 3 tortoiseshells are females, and are beautifully marked.
  • Don’t forget about their adorable brother Chase(top left, long haired)! Orange kitten has been adopted.


  • How can anyone turn down that face?
  • Aphrodite is a 9 week old, black and white female kitten.
  • She is adorable, playful, funny and sweet!

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