End of Summer Pets:

Camilla & Zuzaball




  • Miss Camilla is a beautiful 2 year old black & white female, with medium length fur.
  • Camilla may be best as an only cat, as she enjoys getting all of your attention. She also, prefers the company of older sophisticated children to love and pamper her.
  • Oh my goodness those eyes!
  • Camilla was born with a birth defect, and she does not walk like other kitties. However this does not slow her down from playing, or following her human, and she uses her litter box just fine!
  • NO dogs please, the barking makes her bonkers (Don’t tell Zuzaball!).


  • Pretty little Zuzaball is a sweet, 12 pound terrier mix. She is around 1-2 years old.
  • Zuza likes to hang out with other dogs, and enjoys their company. She hasn’t met any cats yet, but maybe she’d loved Camilla, even if the feeling isn’t mutual!
  • In her spare time she enjoys car rides, walks, snuggling on her human’s lap, & watching TV from the recliner.
  • Zuzaball is fully house trained.
  • A potential adopter should know that she is VERY loyal to her human, almost to a fault.
  • Who could turn down this cute face?

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