Oreo and Cheerio

Our rescue does not only help the cute and cuddly!  We also help the sick, neglected and abused animals. This is why we need need your donation. To continue to help in any way we can. The above picture is Oreo. Oreo found himself in a high kill shelter because his owner died. He and his brother Cheerio were dropped at the shelter. As you can see Oreo’s neglected fur became matted and knotted to his skin!! He went to our wonderful volunteer Allyson Coffin for a new “do”!  And the results are remarkable! After a visit to the veterinarian to check his skin Oreo was adopted with his brother Cheerio to a wonderful family!

Juju Bee


Juju Bee was born into the world of strays, where food, shelter and medical care is not available. SOAR rescued Juju Bee from being put to sleep, in the shelter, due to her obvious eye and skin infections. Slowly she is being nursed back to a healthy kitty. However she may never see the world again!!! This is why we need donations! Not easy to look at, right. This is the world of rescue!! It takes time, patience and money to love the unloved animals!

Look at our Juju Bee now!  Our wonderful animal rescuer Gloria worked around the clock to help our little princess!  This is what we do in our rescue!  We don’t give up on our babies! We continue to rehabilitate our animals until we feel they are in excellent health before they are adopted. Great job Gloria!!!!  Now she can see this wonderful world and start a new adventure as a healthy and loved princess should!!

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